The next era of aviation has arrived

Surf Air Mobility brings air travel into the modern age with an efficient, low cost, and healthier alternative to commercial flying

A leap forward

The air travel industry is overdue for a better way

Current commercial air travel limits how we move around

Travelers dread the long lines, high cost and impersonal experience. The hub-and-spoke model has limited how quickly we can move around. And the only workaround - flying private - is inaccessible to all but the top 1%.

Demand for a cleaner, more enjoyable experience is at a high

Flyers are re-interpreting the necessity of crowded terminals and packed airplanes at a moment when regional trips (500 miles and less) are the fastest growing flight segment, a trend that's only been accelerated by the coronavirus pandemic.

Advancements in zero-emissions technology will reshape everything

Electric aircraft technology will enable personal air travel for everyone. The systems are less complex, cheaper to maintain, ultimately safer, and will reduce the environmental impact of aviation emissions to nearly zero within our lifetimes.

Surf Air Mobility is creating the foundation to change how we're able to live

And we've already begun. See how Surf Air's unique approach to air travel is changing the way people fly today

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